Looking for easy debating materials? WADL has made some free and accessible resources for debaters, teachers, and schools. These can be used to assist in debate preparation, training or coaching time, speech practice, or hopefully just for fun!

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Scaffolds and worksheets

"How do I write a speech? How do I step out an argument? How do I structure rebuttal?" Download and print these simple worksheets which provide a clear guide to structuring great speeches and team cases!

Crosswords and word searches

Looking for fun activities? Check out our WADL crossword to revise your understanding of debate concepts and do our word search to improve your debating vocabulary!


Rebuttal practice

Want to do some problem-solving and train your brain? Try some of our rebuttal sheets which give you a fully-written out point and see if you can think of a response!

Activities and games

Are you a teacher or coach looking for some interactive fun for training? Check out these debating games to teach debate concepts in an easy and fun way!