Our Primary School's Competition is designed to develop critical thinking and public speaking skills in Primary School students. WADL provides primary school students and teachers with development resources, hand-picked topics, adjudicators and organises competitions between teams in a fun and friendly environment.  In 2019, WADL engaged with primary schools in collaboration with the City of Vincent for what was an extremely successful and enjoyable inter-school competition. 


WADL is a youth run not for profit and charity organised by university students who volunteer their time and efforts because they are passionate about debating. WADL was founded in 1920 and is now the leading debating organisation in Western Australia, and the state's national representative to the Australian Debating Federation. WADL currently organises the largest debating competition in the state and is responsible for selecting the state team which represents WA at the prestigious National School’s Debating Competition. WADL’s programs have engaged students from as far north as Christmas Island, and as far south as Albany.


Find information about how to navigate the draw, and links to different divisions within the draw. Please do not print the draw.

The draw and results for the 2020 Primary Schools Competition will be available later in the year.



Our specialised presenters are available to run tailored Primary School Seminars which provide students with the skills to start the competition off with confidence. Please contact for more information. 


In partnership with the City of Vincent, WADL provided a comprehensive integrated program which included both seminars in preparation for the competition, and adjudicators on the day of the competition. WADL presenters worked independently with schools to develop the skills of students and ensure they were prepared and confident. These independent seminars culminated in a terrific inter-school competition which showcased the exceptional abilities of the students. The students  received helpful feedback from expert WADL adjudicators and were able to develop friendships with like-minded peers.