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Being a debater means you think about the world we live in! Need some ideas or things explained? Check out this page for simple and thought-provoking resources about the world around us.


It's a great idea to read the news regularly! Make sure to get your information from trusted sources. Here are a few non-partisan (no political affiliations) outlets to check out if you're looking for recommendations!

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Australian parliament

This is where decisions are made in our government! Our parliament is made up of politicians who make laws to represent the people and Australia.


The Commonwealth

This is a military alliance signed between Australia, New Zealand, and the US to agree to side with each other in any international war or conflict.

This is Britain's former empire with independent member states who maintain ties of cooperation, keeping the monarch as a symbolic head.

The United Nations


The EU

This is a global organization designed to maintain world peace, encourage cooperation, protect humans rights, fight poverty, and provide aid.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a military alliance mainly between the US and European states who have agreed to protect each other.

The European Union works together on trade, policing, and economics. Shared passports makes travel across borders easy for its European citizens.

African Union



The AU is a continental body which sees African states unite to defend their sovereignty and promote African interests, diplomacy, and cooperation.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations promotes regional economic, political, and social cooperation among its Asian member states.

The Group of 8 is a group of powerful nations who meet annually to discuss ways to solve global issues such as security, energy, and terrorism.

World Trade Organization

International Criminal Court

World Health Organization

This body encourages global trade by establishing trade agreements between countries, making trade rules, and settling economic disputes.

This is a court which investigates and attempts to bring to trial individuals who commit genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

This is a UN agency which is responsible for fighting disease, coordinating health responses, and providing medical advice.

World Bank


This is an international institution which provides money paid by member states into loans and grants to poorer countries for development.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change researches the effects of climate change and suggests ways to adapt, respond, and problem-solve.

USA Flag


The US is a world power whose every move draws the eye of the world.