WADL has the exciting opportunity for registered students to attend two development weekends. These will be full days of debating workshops, activities and lessons run by WADL adjudicators. They are aimed at equipping all students with foundational debating skills and strategy for the SDC. Development weekends are free to all students who have registered and it is strongly recommended. 

All Development Weekends are held at Shenton College and Kelmscott. Development weekend three will only be held at Shenton College. 


Development Weekend One (Feb 29 and March 1) 

Open to all students and will cover everything from the rules of debating to skills for constructing arguments and rebutting cases.


Development Weekend Two (May 2 and May 3) 

Open to all students from year 9 upwards and will focus on teaching impromptu skills to make this transition as easy as possible for the students.  development weekends are free to all students who have registered and I would strongly recommend that students come to every possible session. 

Development Weekend Three (August 15 and August 16)

Open to finals teams only and specialises in high level skills and strategies.