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WADL's Metro and Regional SDC competitions see debaters compete in traditional "3v3" style, with two teams of three debaters. Our competition has three year group levels of Novice, Junior, and Senior with differing speech times and preparation periods. You can learn more in the guides above!

Training Debate Videos

3v3 Debating

BP Debating

British Parliamentary Debating is based on the style of debate that occurs in the British Parliament. In BP debates, there are four teams of two who are all competing against each other.


The debate is divided into two 'houses': the Government and the Opposition. These two 'houses' are further divided into Opening and Closing halves.

The video to the left features some members of our 2019 state squad (aged between Years 10 to 12) doing a debate earlier this year arguing that we should abolish ATAR.