It is WADL's firm belief that the opportunity to debate should be available to all Western Australian students, regardless of their geographical location. We do not accept that the benefits debating delivers to students should be limited to the Perth metropolitan area.

Over the past two years, we have been working to expand our regional development program. We provide adjudication for the annual Country Week Speech and Debating Competition. We have established an inter school competition in Albany, with the support of the Apex and Rostrum Clubs of Albany. We provide training and support to the competitions in Bunbury and Geraldton, and we are always looking to create new opportunities for regional students.

Student and teacher workshop in Bunbury 2012

We are happy to provide workshops for debaters, adjudicators, teachers and coaches free of charge. Workshops can be tailored to sit the skill level and needs of students or can be delivered as a general introduction to debating.

All presenters delivering these workshops and seminars are fully trained and accredited WADL Adjudicators. Most of these are past members of the WA State Debating Team, have coached school teams or are on the WADL Committee.

If you would like WADL to visit your school or assist in the administration or establishment of a regional competition, please do not hesitate to be in touch. Please contact our Regional Officer, Katie McAllister, at

Katie McAllister
Regional Officer