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Primary Schools

The City of Swan Primary Schools Debating Competition is a competition coordinated by WADL in 2017. Debates will be held at the Ballajura Community Centre Main Hall (comes up as Ballajura YMCA Centre on Google Maps) on Wednesday evenings throughout Term 4.

Debates will commence at 4:30pm and will conclude by around 5:30pm. Debaters will speak for 3 minutes with a warning bell at 2:30 minutes and a double bell at 3 minutes. All debates will be adjudicated by a WADL accredited adjudicator. Students will receive feedback immediately after the debate from the adjudicator to help them improve for future debates.

Teachers and students can access resources to assist with preparing for their topics here.

The Draw is as follows:

Round 1: Wednesday October 18 (Term 4, Week 2)
  • Affirmative: Illawarra PS
  • Negative: South Ballajura PS
  • Topic: That parents should not give their children pocket money.
Round 2: Wednesday November 1 (Term 4, Week 4)
  • Affirmative: South Ballajura PS
  • Negative: Ballajura PS
  • Topic: That all children should learn how to play a musical instrument.
Round 3: Wednesday November 15 (Term 4, Week 6)
  • Affirmative: Ballajura PS
  • Negative: Illawarra PS
  • Topic: That children should not be allowed to use mobile phones.
Following the three rounds, a Grand Final will be held on Wednesday November 29 (Term 4, Week 8).

For further information, please contact Anish at