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What should I do if my team needs to postpone or forfeit?

School Coordinators are required to notify the Coordinator of the opposition team, and WADL of postponements and forfeits. The opposition team's Coordinator can be contacted using the details in the Directory sent out by WADL at the start of the season.

WADL must be notified using the online form here: Notify WADL of Postponements and Forfeits

Postponements must be registered at least 1 week before the debate was to take place, and must have the consent of the opposition's Coordinator. For the full set of rules, please see here. In the interest of avoiding teams arriving at debates and unexpectedly facing forfeits, please register a forfeit at least 2 days before the debate and inform the other school's coordinator.

If you have any questions about postponing or forfeiting debates, please contact the Administrative Vice-President, Anish Badgeri, at

Where can I find out dates, times and topics of debates for the Schools Debating Competition?

WADL releases the draw for the Schools Debating Competition two weeks before the commencement of the season. The draw for the 2016 season can be found here:

If you have any questions about the draw, please contact the Administrative Vice-President, Anish Badgeri, at

Do I, as a school Coordinator, need to attend my teams' debates?

Yes, if a team from your school is debating they must be accompanied by either their Coordinator or their assigned teacher. Teams without teachers can cause problems by forgetting their team number and division, or by mistaking the details of their debate. Likewise, without a Coordinator or teacher, it is harder for teams to provide feedback to WADL, and for WADL to keep in touch with your school.

How do I find my way around venues?

Maps of venues are located here. These show where debates will be held in each of the host schools.

How do I learn more about debating?

WADL is developing a set of guides to debating. As each is completed, they will be posted on our Resources page.

If you have suggestions for further guides or resources, please contact our Development Officer, Josh Cahill, at

Can I use iPads/laptops/mobile phones/defibrillators during a debate?

WADL does not allow the use of electronic devices during debates, or impromptu preparation. Teams that use electronic devices will be deemed to have forfeited their debate. See the 'Ban on the Use of Electronic Devices in Debates' policy and Competition Rules on the Coordinator Pack page.

Speakers should only use palm cards to present, and may only have pens, paper, and a dictionary and thesaurus when debating or in impromptu preparation.

If a speaker needs to use an electronic device for medical reasons, it is possible to apply for an exemption from this policy. Please contact the Technical Vice President, Xavier Evans, at