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BP Past Champions

The WADL British Parliamentary Debating Competition was established in 2014, and is the only secondary school debating competition in Western Australia based on the rules and procedures of British Parliamentary Debating. In 2017, the Competition was split into the Cygnets Division (years 7-9) and the Swans Division (Years 10-12).
Cygnets Division Champions

2017: Scotch College (Sam Wake & Lachlan Norcott)
Best Speaker: Lachlan Norcott (Scotch College)

Swans Division Champions

2017: St Hilda's ASG (Eliza Smith & Vivian Tan)
Best Speaker: Eliza Smith (St Hilda's ASG)

2016: St Hilda's ASG (Eliza Smith & Isobel Smith)
Best Speaker: Madeline Hanlin (MLC)

2015: Hale School (Max Anderson Loake & Adi Ganguly)
Best Speaker: Adi Ganguly (Hale School)

2014: Shenton College (Laura Gunning & Ava McLaughlin)
Best Speaker: Laura Gunning (Shenton College)